My Love, Enlighten me - Chapter 352 Let It Be a Secret

Aurora Clarke’s face changed as she uttered in amazement, “Dad? Is it really you?”

She looked up at Kenny Clarke, “Kenny, it’s Dad calling.”

“Oh.” He walked over and sat down on the sofa opposite her.

She thought that Kenny Clarke wanted to listen to Randy Clarke as well, so she put the phone on a loudspeaker.

Randy Clarke was extremely flustered, “Aurora, I was kidnapped. They want 300 million Yuan to release me. Can you help me get the money—”

Before he could finish, someone grabbed the phone and said in a hoarse voice, “If you can’t get the money ready within 24 hours, I will send him back in a body bag. Remember, don’t call the police.” obviously, the kidnapper used a voice changer.

She quickly said, “Okay. 300 million, I get it. I will get the money ready. Don’t—”


“Dad was really kidnapped? If I didn’t come back in time and picked up the phone just now, you wouldn’t tell me, would you? You didn’t plan to save him either, did you?”

She was upset, “Kenny, why are you so cold blooded? No matter how much hatred you have for him, he is our biological father!”

His face didn’t change when he listened to her accusations.

He looked at Aurora Clarke, but he said it to Shi Ye, “Don’t you hear that? She needs 300 million Yuan to save her father. Go get the money.”

“Yes, Sir.” Shi Ye replied and went out.

“Kenny, I… I was just worried about father.” Aurora Clarke was surprised that he actually prepared 300 million Yuan for her.

Kenny Clarke smiled without saying a word.

At this moment, Leon Clarke came in carrying his schoolbag.

He attended a boarding school this semester. It was a strict school with militarized management. He had to turn in his phone at school and he just saw the news.

“Cousin. Cousin!”

As soon as he was inside, he saw Kenny and Aurora Clarke, “I saw on the news that uncle was kidnapped! You also found Sister Qingning!”

When aurora Clarke heard him ‘Qingning’, she asked, “Who is Qingning?”

Kenny Clarke stood up and looked at Leon Clarke with a serious expression, “Come with me. I have something to tell you.”

“Cousin, what happened?” he saw Gloria Taylor on the news a lot before, so, in his subconscious, he felt that most of things on the news were false.

Kenny Clarke handed Manley Clarke’s medical report to Leon Clarke, “Take a look.”

Leon Clarke took the report and saw Manley Clarke’s name on it. He read the report carefully.

After done reading it, he was silent.

Kenny Clarke didn’t say anything to comfort him. He said calmly, “Aunt loves uncle very much. Her mental state is not very good. The maid found her trying to commit suicide by hitting herself to the wall. This is getting serious. So, I arrange someone to send her to a mental hospital.”

Leon Clarke looked up. His eyes were red, “Where is she now?”

Kenny Clarke noticed that Leon Clarke was clenching his fists.

He said calmly, “She is unstable. She is in a mental hospital now. They have professional doctors there. I believe that they will take care of her and help her get better. You can visit her when you have the time.”

Kenny Clarke rarely had this much patience to explain something this long to other people beside Gloria Taylor.

But, Leon Clarke for him was different with other members of the Clarke family.

Richard Clarke said that Leon Clarke was a sincere child. He grew up with Kenny Clarke, but he could bear to tell him the whole truth.

Those things about Manley Clarke and Randy Clarke.

Also, about Si Minghuan’s death...

Let these cruel truth be a secret.

Leon Clarke wiped his tears, “Cousin, thank you. About uncle—”

“Leave it to the adults.” Kenny Clarke interrupted him.

Kenny Clarke send someone to send Leon Clarke to visit Manley Clarke and then, to send him back to school again.

There were many things happened in the family. It was better for Leon Clarke to stay at school.

After arranging these, Kenny Clarke sat in his study.

He looked down from the second floor. Aurora Clarke was still on the phone downstairs.

He turned around and went back to his room. Gloria Taylor was leaning against the bed of the head.

When she heard the door was pushed open, Gloria Taylor looked up and said, “You’re back.”

Within a week, she lost a lot of weight. Her jaw was sharper and her face was paler.

Kenny Clarke reached out and pinched her chin gently, “If you continue to lose weight, I won’t let you come.”

“Kenny…” her complexion changed as she pulled his hand.

Kenny Clarke quickly talked about another thing, “Leon’s back.”


“I didn’t say anything.” he replied as if he knew that she would ask.

Gloria Taylor nodded.

Kenny Clarke and Si Chengyu were not destined to be the same kind of people, she thought.

After Si Chengyu learned about his past, he always thought of the way to pull others to hell and suffer together with him. Kenny Clarke couldn’t bear to tell Leon Clarke the truth.

Since they were born different, no matter what means Si Chengyu used, Kenny Clarke wouldn’t turn into the likes of him.


Shi Ye helped Aurora Clarke prepare the money.

Halfway through, the kidnappers called and said that they wanted cash and gold bars.

Kenny Clarke didn’t say anything. He just told Shi Ye to prepare everything they wanted.

The kidnappers called again. Aurora Clarke was running out of patience, “Are you done? We have prepared everything you want!”

But, the kidnappers was still having fun, “What about you add another 50 million? I will let the man go.”

Aurora Clarke didn’t expect that the kidnappers would increase the bail money, “I already told you—”

“Before dark, if you don’t get the money ready, I will send one of his hands!” the kidnapper interrupted her.

As soon as the kidnappers hung up, Aurora Clarke ran to Kenny Clarke, “Kenny, what should I do now?”

“They will increase the bail money. They will never be satisfied. Call the police.” Kenny Clarke said faintly.

She felt hat Kenny Clarke was reasonable enough. The kidnappers were sure that they dared not call the police. That’s why they dared to be greedy on the bail money.

However, before they called the police, before sundown, they received Randy Clarke’s arm.

Aurora Clarke was so frightened that she fainted.

The kidnappers called again.

Randy Clarke shouted in horror, “Kenny, they just need 50 million more. Save me! I don’t want to die!”

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